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Son spending time with his father in Bournemouth

Child Contact

Go straight to a Barrister

We are direct-access Barristers

Denied access to your children?


Accused of domestic abuse?


You can now go straight to a barrister for advice and representation.

This means you'll be looked after from start to finish by the lawyer who represents you in court.


So, no more secretaries, paralegals or "caseworkers" and no need to rely on a "Mckenzie friend".


And because our overheads are much lower than most solicitors, you could also end up saving money. 

Daughter with her father in Weymouth

Stopped from seeing your children?
Unable to reach an agreement with the other parent?
Accused of domestic violence?

Free initial advice

0754 008 4477

Our services

We offer advice and representation in cases involving disputes between private individuals. These typically involve applications for contact with a child and/or allegations of domestic abuse but also include applications for prohibited steps orders and specific issue orders.

Family Dispute - Child contact Lawyers - family lawyer bournemouth
Contact orders

These are properly known as "child arrangement orders". They regulate who a child "lives with" and/or "spends time with",  and how much time he or she spends with each parent and in what circumstances.

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Non-molestation orders

Non-molestation orders are intended to protect one party from physical and/or mental abuse by the other party. If you're accused of breaching one, you may be arrested and charged with a criminal offence.

Child contact Lawyers - family lawyer bournemouth

Other child orders

The Court can also make an order requiring one party to do something (known as a "specific issue order") or an order to stop one party from doing something (known as a "prohibited steps order").

Child contact Lawyers - family lawyer bournemouth
My direct access barrister made remarkable efforts to ensure I could keep seeing my young child. I could not hope for a better representative in court. He has an uncanny ability to understand the court’s thinking. My former partner had been trying for years to thwart my attempts to see my child. My barrister quickly spotted the non-relevant points in my counter-arguments and succinctly made my case in court.
I have always felt afterwards that justice was done.  CAFCASS reports in my case have sometimes been one-sided but my barrister has understood the objective truth.  His strict adherence to the facts was, for me, a determining factor. I now see my child when I want to and our bond is unbreakable.

Ben C, Hove

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