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Breach of non-molestation order in Bournemouth

Non-molestation orders

Non-molestation orders can be an effective way to prevent domestic abuse. 


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Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

Our direct-access Barristers can advise you about applying for a non-molestation order and the sort of evidence you'll need to support one. We can also argue your case in court.

Have you been accused of domestic abuse?

Non-molestation orders can also be used as a tool to abuse the opposite party and take unfair advantage.

Put simply, these orders are sometimes made without proper justification and/or worded fairly.


However, if you have a non-molestation order made against you, you risk being arrested if the police think you've breached it and may even be charged with a criminal offence.

If you've been served with a non-molestation order, our direct-access Barristers can give you clear, no-nonsense advice about your best way forward.

Whether you're a victim of domestic abuse yourself or you've been accused of abusing someone else, having a lawyer speak for you in Court will help ensure your voice is properly heard.

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